African Cuisine
Commitment To Wellbeing and Health Covid19
In these new and uncharted times we're experiencing The Good Earth Group is committed to the  wellbeing and health of our community from our teams to each of our patrons. We've put essential steps in place for COVID19 safety measures. 



Like the African baobab, The Good Earth Group invites each and every guest to celebrate the pleasures of society, under the coolness of its roof.


Our vision is to befriend and unite the community of Nairobi, and the wider community of Africa beyond, with unique experiences of gathering over food and drink, in exceptional locales.

Our mission is to be the leader in authentic and innovative hospitality offerings, true to the spirit of African traditions, interpreted with international flair.

Our commitment is to not only to serve our community, but also to create new community beyond. Like the iconic baobab tree, translated to the 21st century, our venues are designed as social hubs: places to meet, exchange, talk and listen, eat and drink, share and welcome. A new village centre.

The Good Earth Group proposes to be the community’s conscience too.  We have a strong sense of responsibility by providing good employment, and to providing educational as well as social benefits.  Beyond this our ‘silent’ mission is to ethically source our produce, support organic farming methods, offer fairly-traded fare, and to strengthen ties and partner with select like-minded African suppliers.


Share Africa. Welcome the world.